Sacred Love

Houston, TX, US
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilionwith Dominic Miller & Annie Lennox
Sting never disappoints!

Where to begin? First let me say, it is like the day after Christmas at my house today. What a letdown after last night. It was a fabulous show as always. Sting never disappoints!

We left extra early to make sure we were in our seats for Dom's performance. Unfortunately, the prime parking lot we usually park in had been blocked off so we ended up parking a mile away from the pavillion. We then had to walk along the paths through the woods to get to the pavillion. Thank goodness I am a walker! We were really power walking down the path to get there by 7pm. I commented to my husband about ''the things I have to do to see Sting perform.'' His response ''I can't believe the things I have to go through for you to see Sting!'' HOWWLS!

We made it with a few minutes to spare before Dom came on stage. Once again, we had great seats. Thank you!! I was disappointed that more fans did not show up early to see him perform. I also thought there was a bit too much talking and banter while he was performing. Most that were there was shocked when Sting came out to perform 'Shape of My Heart' with him.

Annie Lennox was fabulous. Awesome voice and an incredible performance from her. We had never seen her perform live so it was a treat for us and one we truly enjoyed.

As my friend Trini mentioned in his reivew... Sting still needs that honey and rum... or maybe some hot tea and lemon. Although he never commented on his voice giving his problems, except to ask for help from the audience during 'Roxanne', it was painfully obvious to me. There were times I felt guilty enjoying the show so much, because it was obvious he was really straining to hit the notes. I also was worried that he was pushing it to the limit.

In spite of that, the show was awesome. I cannot say enough about the band and how they carried the evening for Sting. Truly a pleasure to watch them perform together. The sound was so good, that I am sure many fans were not even aware of the problems with Sting's voice. My husband did not notice it until I point it out to him. He was busy being my Sting photographer for the evening.

Joy and Donna were incredible and helped Sting out on many songs. The place went wild when Joy performed on 'Whenever I Say Your Name'. She has gained more confidence since we saw the show in January and her performance during that song was truly memorable. A standout for Joy and Donna was 'Never Coming Home'. They helped Sting out immensely on that song. Jason was also a standout on that song.

I was thrilled that 'Every Little Thing' was added to the setlist. Love that song! Also glad that 'Seven Days' was kept in. The crowd always seems to enjoy that song. I thought the version of 'We'll Be Together' that was played was especially good although Annie did not come out and sing with Sting. 'Roxanne' was good although a bit long. Sting sang a few lines from 'King of Pain' during the song and of course, the audience loved that.

The night just seem to fly by. I had to ask my husband the time when Sting started playing 'Desert Rose' because I just couldn't believe we were already into the encore songs and the show would be ending soon. I love hearing 'Every Breath You Take' but then again, hate to hear it as I know the show will soon be ending. I love having 'A Thousand Years' end the show.

The audience was really into the show. We were on the right side and except for 'Dead Man's Rope' and 'Fragile', our side was up on their feet the entire evening.

Once again, another fabulous and memorable evening with Sting. Thank you Sting for giving it your all last night for your fans. It was truly appreciated.

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